The utilities marketplace embraces choice and you can decide the best options for the delivery of utilities to your development. Deregulation has changed the services landscape, this in itself has brought some significant efficiencies, but self-lay means that no longer do incumbent providers have to be the only option for the installation of Water, Gas, Electricity and Telecoms/Fibre.

Developer Eyes incorporates a background of utilities design, planning and installation. This coupled with a deep understanding of the regulatory complexities of the marketplace provides you with an opportunity to utilise the best advice and guidance when designing, planning and installing your utilities, both on and off site.

Developer Eyes provides a portfolio of services that can provide budget costs at a feasibility stage, all the way through to service connections and recovery of rebates. It is our aim to steer you through the process from planning to delivery, with the sole purpose of identifying efficiencies in both time and cost.
Our portfolio of services include:
  • Feasibility of Supply Provision;
  • Disconnections & Meter Removals;
  • Diversions;
  • Utilities Designs;
  • Planning and Scheduling of Utilities;
  • Self-Lay Installation of Utilities;
  • Service connections & Meter Call-off Management;
  • Recovery of Rebates & Contesting Charges.
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