The importance of planning cannot be underestimated, from site-specific issues that have been missed, mis-specified or mis-calculated, all at the detriment of the feasibility and profitability of the development.

Developer Eyes understands the complexities of assessing a developments feasibility and that by investing in dedicated advice and input at an early stage, project deliverables can be understood, allowing budgets to be set and a more accurate programme drawn up, allowing expectations to be realised.

Developer Eyes provides a growing portfolio of services that adds value to your development projects. From Land Appraisal and Feasibility to Hand Over/Adoption. Developer Eyes are a valuable tool that will work with you at every stage and tailor our service to match your requirements.

Our portfolio of services include:
  • Site Feasibility Reports & Budget Costs;
  • Travel Plans;
  • Travel Plan Coordination;
  • Travel Plan Packs & Websites;
  • Section 38 Technical Approvals;
  • S38 Adoption Management;
  • S37 Adoption Management.
  • Project Management of Remedial Works.
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