The Localism Act details that by empowering communities with the freedom and flexibility to shape and mould their environment, a greater sense of pride and care is achieved. This opportunity provides significant rights direct to communities and individuals, making it possible for them to make decisions concerning the environment in which they live.

A Managing Agent is required to look after the financial, administrative and regulatory needs of a Management Company or Residents Management Company. It has a long-term commitment to provide solutions for all on-going upkeep, maintenance and renewal works.

This involves the design and planning of measures that are aimed at encouraging collective decision making with an emphasis on bringing residents together with the purpose of making the community a better place and one that each and every person has a vested interest in.

Whether you are looking for a Managing Agent or require our services to trouble shoot a problematic site or provide tailored solutions to site-specific issues, Developer Eyes will help.

Our portfolio of services include:
  • Feasibility of Managed Areas;
  • Liaison with Local Councils;
  • Company Incorporation & Set-up;
  • Managed Areas Management Plans;
  • SuDS Management Plans;
  • Company Secretarial Support;
  • Managing Agents Services;
  • Site Inspections.
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