Developer Eyes provides a host of contracting services to complement our Planning, Utilities and Management services.

Often is the case that sub-contracted works are the weakest link in the chain, as third parties are one-step removed in communications and transference of information. Developer Eyes understands the complexities of delivering works on time and on budget, as such, we provide a mix of carefully selected Direct Labour and Term Contractors to ensure a balance of deliverability, service and quality is maintained.
Developer Eyes invests into the team of people who make our company great and we are proud to have achieved Investors In People Accreditation as testament to the importance individuals can make to a business.

Where beneficial, Developer Eyes will always look to utilitise direct labour and imbedded term contracts as our delivery mechanism for any of the physical works we undertake, which includes:

  • Site Inspections;
  • Grounds Maintenance, Landscaping & Tree Works;
    • Specimen Tree Planting;
    • Visual Tree Inspections from ground level & Condition Reports;
    • Adjusting/Removal of Stakes, Shelters, Guards & Ties for newly planted trees;
    • Remedial Works i.e. Crown Lifting & Formative Pruning;
    • Emergency Works;
    • Grass Cutting;
    • Hay Cutting Wildflower Meadows;
    • Seeding & Laying of Turf;
    • Football Pitch Maintenance i.e. Rolling, Scarification, Reinstatement Works & Top Dressing;
    • Planting of Formative Shrub Beds & Borders;
    • Formative Pruning & Thinning of Thickets, Hedgerows & Shrubs;
    • Shrub Bed & Border Cultivation & Application of Mulch and Fertiliser;
    • Weed Control;
    • Hard Edging;
    • Sweeping of Hardstanding Areas & Paths;
    • Litter Picking;
    • Litter Bin & Dog Waste Bin Emptying;
  • SuDS Maintenance;
    • Condition Inspections, including Inlets, Outlets, Traps, Control Devices, Culverts, Dam Features, Safety Aides & Signage;
    • Removal of Debris;
    • Removal of Encroached Reeds in Wet Pond Features;
    • Monitoring & Treatment of Algae Growth;
    • Upkeep of Riparian Corridors;
  • Removal of Garden Waste;
  • Minor Civil Works;
    • Excavation of Utility Trenches;
    • Placement of Bedding, Surround & Marker Tape;
    • Backfill and/or Reinstatement Works;
    • Installation of Utility Ducting, i.e. Road Crossings;
  • Provision of Utility Materials & Aggregates, including, pipework, fixtures, fittings, meter boxes, ducting, sand & MOT Type 1;
  • Self-Lay of Utilities;
    • Installation of Water Mains;
    • Testing & Commissioning of Water Mains;
    • Installation of Water Boundary/Manifolds/Wall Mounted Boxes and Service Connections.
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