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Utility Services provided by Developer Eyes
Date Added: 03/03/2016 00:00:00
Author: Grant Morgan

We are a company that understands the importance of being the best in all that we do.  Our team of industry experts provide a portfolio of services to support the delivery of your construction projects. 

One of these services are Utilities:

The utilities marketplace embraces choice and more so than ever before, you can decide the best options for the delivery of utilities to your developments. Deregulation has changed the services sector, this in itself has brought some significant efficiencies, but self-lay means that no longer do incumbent providers have to be the only option for the installation of Water, Gas, Electricity and Telecoms/Fibre networks.

Developer Eyes incorporates a background of utilities design, planning and installation. This, coupled with a deep understanding of the regulatory complexities of the marketplace, provides you with an opportunity to utilise the best advice and guidance when designing, planning and installing your utilities, both on and off site.

Developer Eyes provides a portfolio of services that can provide budget costs at a feasibility stage, all the way through to mains and service installations and the recovery of rebates. It is our aim to steer you through the process from planning to delivery, with the sole purpose of identifying efficiencies in both time and cost.

Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Utility Searches;

  • Feasibility of Supply Provision;

  • Disconnections;

  • Diversions;

  • Utilities Designs;

  • Planning and Scheduling of Utilities;

  • Self-Lay Installation for Mains & Services;

  • Pressure Testing & Commissioning;

  • Project Management;

  • Service connections;

  • Meter Call-off Management;

  • Recovery of Rebates;

  • Provission of Utility Materials & Aggregates, including pipework, fixtures & fittings, meter boxes, ducting, sand & MOT Type 1;

  • Utility Trial Holes & Slit Trenches.

Minor Civil Works:

  • Excavation of Utility Trenches;

  • Placement of Bedding, Surround & Marker Tape;

  • Backfill and/or Reinstatement Works;

  • Installation of Utility Ducting, i.e. Road Crossings. 

Our promise to you is to give clear communication, transparency of services and commitment to your requirements. 

We have our CHAS certification so we can meet your health & safety standards.

As a WIRS accredited self-lay organisation we can perform works on the connection of a property to water mains and supplies.

For further information regarding Developer Eyes Utilities services, along with other services offered by Developer Eyes Group of Companies, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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