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Date Added: 04/01/2017 12:00:00
Author: Grant Morgan

Hello 2017. Time flies when you are having fun and if you don’t enjoy what you do, the years can seem very long indeed. It is important to me that every member of the Developer Eyes team enjoys coming to work every day. I cannot guarantee that it will be easy and I do expect people to work hard, but achievement is rarely handed to you on a platter.

Developer Eyes has a lot to look forward to this year. Further growth, three new additions to team and it’s only 4th January. The relationships we have worked so hard to develop appreciate the effort we put in. Our clients demand good service, communication and transparency. We know they do not get this from all their service providers, so we will continue to grow so we can take on more work and in turn help them to grow and be better too.

Our objectives for the year are clear, we will strive to be the best at everything we do.


I wish you all every success in 2017.

Kind regards

Grant Morgan


Developer Eyes

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