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Date Added: 05/01/2015 00:00:00
Author: Grant Morgan

With 2014 now fading into obscurity, we set our minds to the year ahead. I was fortunate enough to be able to take the time off between Christmas and New Year, which allowed me the time and space to gather my thoughts from 2014, analyse my progress and start to plan for the year ahead.

All businesses, no matter what size and shape, should have a strategic plan, but the ability to review and evolve is a process many companies fail to undertake, at their peril. The environment we all work in is very fast paced and the need to adapt to ones surroundings is fundamental to success.

With this in mind I will be making time this month to review the positives and negatives from the last 12 months and establish our plan for 2015. My planning is very structured and I ensure we review the following areas as they are fundamental to our continued success in 2015:

  • Review our scope of services to ensure they meet the exacting needs of our clients;
  • Ensure we are resourced adequately to meet anticipated demand;
  • Ensure we continue to service and retain our existing clients;
  • Through liaison with our contacts, establish improvements that can be made to the way we communicate and connect with our clients, suppliers and contractors;
  • Establish new routes to business;
  • Quantify realistic budgets;
  • Set SMART objectives and targets;
  • Review processes and procedures in line with the needs of the business.

I try to eliminate, where possible, the risk and guess work of running a business and planning is the best way to strategically mitigate the risk of failure. So how is success measured?  Is it financial, is it goal and target oriented or is it personal progression? No matter what the driver it has to be measurable.

Being successful means being accountable. An individual’s ability to take it upon themselves to excel at a task or set of objectives will set them aside from those that do not perform as well. Ultimately the performance differentiator will be one fundamental question:

  • Would the end user want to use this service again in the form it was provided?

If the answer is yes then that success can be infectious and that is how a company can grow. If the answer is no, then what can be done differently to provide a successful outcome?

Appraisals, Reviews, Customer Satisfaction Surveys and alike all try and get to the bottom of ‘how something can be done better’, but the interpretation of the information is the difference between potential success (whether it be personal or commercial) or stagnation.

Nobody starts out to fail or provide bad service, but by not planning effectively the likelihood of failure is greatly increased. This year Developer Eyes New Year’s resolution will be to ‘Actively seek constructive criticism’ - we do not want to offer a one size fits all service, we want to go out of our way to ensure our clients receive a tailored approach to everything we do as we want to be a success.

Have a great 2015.

All the best


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