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Date Added: 25/04/2014 14:30:35
Author: Grant Morgan

Grant here again. I wanted to write another blog update, but following a very busy period for us I thought it would be a nice change to write about something non work related and less serious. This blog is a good opportunity for you to get to know us a bit better, with that in mind I would like to tell you a little about my sons 11th birthday party, so here goes.

Having just turned 40 I was not sure it was such a good idea to go paintballing with my son and his friends. I am not the most energetic person in the world, I am the kind of guy that renews his gym membership every year with an intensive burst of enthusiasm followed by 11 months of thinking about going to the gym. It is at this point that the guilt sets in and for 2 weeks prior to the membership expiring I try to fit in a years’ worth of visits in the vain attempt to reduce the cost per visit to a more respectable level. Having given way to the peer pressure applied by my son, I managed to rope in a number of unsuspecting parents to join in my endeavour, who all agreed to join me and take a backseat role ensuring the kids remained safe and enjoyed their day.

Finally the day my son had been looking forward to for so long arrived and we were welcomed by a 6:30am alarm on a Sunday morning accompanied by the familiar sound of beating rain on the bedroom window. Following two reaches for the snooze button I dragged myself out of bed accompanied by muffled chuckles from my wife as she turned over and went back to sleep. My son rose shortly afterwards and managed to get ready in a time and fashion that was unfamiliar to me. Waking up and getting ready on school days was normally accompanied by an endless barrage of “hurry up”,” we’re going to be late”, followed by muffled replies of ”I can’t find my shirt, trousers, shoes, school bag, home-work” - you name it, we can’t find it. But with all that aside, today we leave on time and head to the paintball centre.

Upon arrival the kids all bounded out of their parent’s cars, whilst the adults took a much more leisurely and reluctant stroll over to the changing area to get kitted out in body armour, boiler suits and helmets. Following a brief exchange of good hearted ribbing regarding our attire, we made our way over to the health and safety briefing to ensure we were fully aware of the perils that lie ahead of us.

Finally the point of no return came and whilst the kids enthusiastically made their way over to the first combat area, the parents reiterated their plans to take it steady and ensure their respective children were looked after. Upon arrival the teams were chosen, rules reiterated and we were all lined up ready for battle.

A hush fell over the forest and the bell rang. At this point every single parent, without exception, shot off their marks like Usain Bolt trying to renew his contract with Richard Branson. Shouts of “no mercy” and “take them out” could be heard from what only moments ago were a group of responsible 30 and 40 year old parents concerned only by the welfare of their little ones. However now their singular aim in life, at least for that afternoon, was to ‘take down’ the 10 and 11 year olds that we were pitched against.

Crawling commando style through the undergrowth my initial concerns for my own safety were a distant memory and the sting on paintballs hitting areas of my body not protected by body armour, that in hindsight would take a week or more to heal, only drove me to try harder to over throw the enemy - I mean the other children.

I have always thought myself to be competitive but I think we all surprised ourselves that so much fun could be had by such a motley crew of unfit and ill prepared individuals.

Upon our return home we all regaled stories to our wives and partners of our heroic exploits, while gingerly limping upstairs to soak our marked and aching bodies in hot baths. What a bunch of big kids we all were and I can’t wait until my son forces us to go again.

I hope this gave you a chuckle, and although I take my working life very seriously, I am happiest when spending time with my family and friends.

I look forward to writing my next blog.

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