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Making proactive decisions are the actions of a confident company
Date Added: 22/04/2015 00:00:00
Author: Grant Morgan

Is your company’s decision to recruit based upon pushing your team to the nth degree before finally making the decision to hire?

"Providing the service your clients demand should be the single most important measure when making the decision to recruit."

Any company that works their team thanklessly and expects them to deliver the unobtainable is counterproductive. A team that is constantly fighting battles because there are never enough hours in the day, is unrealistic. This will result in an unmotivated, frustrated and distant delivery mechanism. I use the term ‘delivery mechanism’ purposely, because that is all your team will become, and a pretty inefficient one at that. Your team is the most important asset your business has, they should be made to feel like individuals that have a say, are listened to and respected. They should be given the time and space to prove themselves and are allowed to spend time to provide a good service.

You would not buy a car and drive it flat out everywhere you go all the time. It would be inefficient, its ability to perform at that level over time would decrease and you run the risk of running it off the road all together. The team around you are people, individuals that inherently want to be recognised for doing a good job. Nurture them and they will reward you tenfold.

Most companies leave the decision to recruit too late. Their ability to deliver has already been compromised, your team is not working efficiently, communication is not as good as it was, mistakes are reducing your margins and your clients are not as happy as they once were.

Making proactive decisions are the actions of a confident company, a company that is on the up and looking to the future. Do not be afraid of growth, but growth must be respected and planned for. Everyone has a story to tell of a supplier or service provider that took on too much and could not deliver. This was not the fault of growth, but the result of that company’s inability to manage it.

Do not be afraid to recruit. Recruit someone that is not right for you and it will cost you time and money. Spend your time wisely by identifying the attributes you need and foresee where this person could take you. Technical expertise is job specific, but many other skills are transferable if you have found that right person. Seeing the opportunity to shine in someone generally comes with years of experience. Experience of employing people with the best intentions, but finding out, the hard way, that they are not the right fit.

Cutting through the clichés people list in their CV’s and their inflated lists of responsibilities is a painful exercise, but somewhere out there is that person you are looking for that will make all the difference. The best people are often well looked after within their respective companies, but do not be afraid to approach them. Explain your plans and ambitions; paint them a picture of where they fit in and how they will benefit from working with you. Build them a route for progression and ensure you feed their ambition. Money is not the only motivator, find out where they want to be and help them achieve it.

Developer Eyes is a young, vibrant and ambitious company. Growth does not mean an inability to deliver, just the opposite, it provides the opportunity to set new standards and raise the bar. We take great care to provide an environment where people are nurtured and can realise their true potential, if they are willing to put the effort and hard work in.

Are Developer Eyes confident in our ability to deliver? You bet we are. We are setting new standards and making a great name for ourselves. We are proud of the feedback we are receiving, but more proud of the repeat business we are achieving.

All the best

Grant Morgan

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