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Lucid Cognition
Date Added: 08/10/2015 00:00:00
Author: Grant Morgan

The evolution of understanding, born out of the search for an answer.

Answers. Big, serious, life changing answers to issues we struggle with are vapour, suspended, of no form, until inseminated, born, actualised. Being complexed, a multifaceted individual, your mind often plays tricks on you - distracted, fixating on the inconsequential and irrelevant that are only fleetingly important, obscuring your focus and blurring your perspective. Dare to dream, desire and want. Are your wants small and your desires incomprehensible? Buy a ticket, win the lottery - too improbable, but making the conscious decision to play makes it probable. Shortcuts rarely exist, but the path travelled to self-actualisation can be mapped through planning and education.

Stand too near a painting by Claude Monet and your focus will miss the beauty that another perspective would reveal. Knowing when to step back and view life differently, even when habit encourages you to act in a certain manner, is a moment of Lucid Cognition.

Invention, problem solving and proactive decision making are gifts provided to us through evolution, that are exploited by the confident of mind, the ones that dare to dream, desire and want. Thinking for yourself and being encouraged to do so is a basic right we all need to exercise in our own lives; at home and at work. If you are not provided with the opportunity to think for yourself, you are emphysemic - not of oxygen, but of mind and inevitably progression cannot and will not occur. You must place yourself in an environment where you can inhale; think, are encouraged to view life differently and are free to express yourself.

Neural pathways feed from our experiences and the decisions we make. Cut yourself and you are exposed to pain, you will understand a sharp edge and unconsciously a rationale is imbedded. Boundaries can and should be pushed, how much pain can we permit, how sharp is too sharp. Confidence and risk taking are traits shared by entrepreneurs and successful sportspersons, but are not to be confused this with frivolity, undisciplined and uncontrolled conduct. Not knowing the answers to all life's questions is part of the fun, embrace uncertainty, push your boundaries, push the boundaries, don’t limit yourself to them. Trust your instincts, but questioning them to evolve rather than as an excuse to regress is progress and is an act of actualising where you want to be.

The jolt of your body awakening from a semiconscious state, moments of clarity when answers tumble into our consciousness, shapes form, vividity emerges  and you understand. A bright and complete understanding of whatever answer you were consciously or unconsciously searching for, that allows you to move forward with unflinching confidence.

Dare to dream, have a plan, learn, don’t be afraid, push the boundaries, keep moving forward and the answers will come.

All the best

Grant Morgan

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