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Date Added: 10/02/2016 00:00:00
Author: Grant Morgan

I work with many of the top housing developers in the UK and over the past year everybody I speak with is getting busier and more is being asked of them.

How can they do more? What is your limit? Can you be more productive? Can you be a better you?

I have just watched a film called 'Limitless' with Bradley Cooper and for those of you that have not seen the film, it is based upon a person who struggles to live up to their own ambitions, but inadvertently stumbled upon a way of unlocking a better them. It is my interpretation that a person’s ambition and their achievements are the start and finish of this film, the journey from one to the other is its story, whereas, our stories are what we live out every day.

Inherently we are all ambitious. We want goals. We need goals. Our journey defines whether we achieve our goals and ultimately realise our ambitions.

The character in this film starts of as a bit of a lost soul. They have the raw ingredients, but are not bringing them all together. They are not motivated, they are easily distracted, they are slothenly and are not positioning themselves within an environment where they can learn, be inspired, grow and realise their potential.

If you want to be inspired, talk with someone inspirational. If you want to learn, talk with someone knowledgeable. If you want to be happy, talk with someone that makes you smile - you get the picture.

Unlike the film, we don't need a magic pill to make us better versions of ourselves. The character embarks on their journey of self improvement and self nurturing. They get their act together, they order their life, they concentrate and put the work in. They talk with the right people and expand their circle of influence. These are all things we can do ourselves.

In December 2014 I wrote a blog that asked the question 'Where has the service gone?':

This blog talks about how, through effort and thought, good service can be achieved. I want to now take this philosophy one step further and ask all those developers that are too busy to change how they do things or look for ways to help themselves, as they might be missing out on providers that can make their lives that little easier, that can take some of the burden and alleviate some of the stress you are feeling in these times of immense pressure.

I want you to try something new, 30 minutes spent exploring something different today can save you hours tomorrow. If you want to make your life easier and improve your ability to achieve - talk with someone that can help make it happen, work with someone that adds something extra, communicate with someone that understands what you want and give yourself the ability to make better decisions.

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