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Case Study - Adoptions, Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance.
Date Added: 13/06/2016 00:00:00
Author: Grant Morgan

Developer Eyes are appointed by Taylor Wimpey to manage the adoption process on a large strategic 850 plot development in Buckinghamshire. We are managing the on-going adoption of highways, public open space and areas of play, including hard and soft landscaping and grounds maintenance works.

The development forms the northern expansion of Aylesbury and is a flagship local development for Taylor Wimpey South Midlands; comprising a consortium of multiple national developers. The Local Adopting Authorities are Aylesbury Vale District Council and Buckingham County Council.

The Local Planning Authority stipulated the site must provide hard and soft landscaping measures to encourage integration with the surrounding communities, promote social interaction and engagement.

Prior to our appointment, the adoption process was being managed by a consultant who was progressing slower than Taylor Wimpey anticipated; complaints from residents were starting to increase and a greater level of control was required to ensure residents’ needs were being met and the adoption process gets back on track. Our remit for this development was to take over the management of the adoption process, all landscaping and maintenance of public open space from existing providers; with a view to ensuring the adoption works progress more quickly.  We also ensure the site is kept and maintained in a condition befitting the site to provide enhanced resident interaction and maximise resident’s satisfaction.

Since our appointment in December 2015, Developer Eyes have invested time in understanding the developers’ priorities for the site. We opened dialog with the adopting authority, identified their views on progress to date and defined what their objectives were for progressing the site in a timely manner to adoption.

We have updated the legal plans in liaison with Taylor Wimpey and the adopting authority and are undertaking a programme of snagging in accordance with approved S38 plans and specifications. Any areas that were incomplete or did not meet approved standards are being addressed, therefore bringing constructed areas up to compliant and adoptable standards.

Community engagement was also a priority. Meetings took place with local representatives and regular lines of communication were opened. We produced a formal letter that has been issued to all residents; informing them of our engagement and detailing what works were being undertaken. Our contact details were provided so that residents’ queries could be answered by us directly, therefore relieving Taylor Wimpey from having to field calls.

We also took on the responsibility of all remaining landscaping and grounds maintenance works. Our own direct landscaping and grounds maintenance teams quickly got the site looking neat, tidy and well cared for.

Outstanding issues with street lighting have been identified and residents have been instructed to report all street lighting issues to us.

Dog fouling, particularly within the areas of public open space is a problem at Buckingham Park. In partnership with Buckingham Park Primary School, Developer Eyes have set a competition for all pupils to design a poster that highlight this particular problem. Pupils were encouraged to take this work home and engage their parents/guardians' help in designing their poster, with the aim of encouraging dog owners to clear up after their pets.

Developer Eyes have also helped sponsor a local fun run organised by Buckingham Park Primary School. Developer Eyes provided refreshments to all runners via an on-route water station to ensure runners were hydrated in what was a beautifully sunny day. We took time to talk to the residents that were out and about and took notes of their feedback.

Aftersales and resident interaction can be positive if managed correctly. Developer Eyes prides itself in being approachable and dedicated in providing an environment that benefits the community. Our direct landscaping and grounds maintenance teams go above and beyond their remit in ensuring open spaces are well maintained and meet the needs of the community they are designed to serve.

Our continued involvement adds value to this development. The feedback we receive form Taylor Wimpey and local residents alike are what drive the service we provide.

Please see below some of the comments we have received:

When you buy a new build it can feel like you are worlds apart from the builders and the contact you would like to have with the building companies is sometimes quite distant. However, since Developer Eyes have taken over the last phase of completion now that all houses are built, they have been extremely forward in wanting residents help in how we as a community can build a completed development and were keen to hear our views. This was such a positive step forward.

The arrival of Developers Eyes on Buckingham Park has been fantastic. There has been significant progress in identifying the issues that need to be remedied before adoption and Developers Eyes instil a genuine confidence in the community that work will be undertaken in a timely and professional manor.

It was great to see that a recent school event which was organised not only through the PTA, though further work and support came directly from Developer Eyes. The CEO and other members of their staff attended the event and alongside Taylor Wimpey supplied all the medals for the children, organised a "water stop" for the Fun Run and engaged with the community and families. This was extremely appreciated, by not just the School and PTA, though from all the residents.

It’s great to have a personal contact and engagement with Developer Eyes.’

  • Brad Lemmon, Resident, Buckingham Park, Aylesbury.


‘Just wanted to thank you, and all at Developer Eyes for your contributions towards our Fun Run. One can never be sure about how things will work out when trying an event for the first time, but we were delighted with day - it was fab! It had a real community feel about it and we were really pleased that Developer Eyes were able to contribute towards its success.’

  • Nick Waldron, Headteacher, Buckingham Park Primary School, Aylesbury.

‘Developer Eyes have moved quickly to understand the priorities on our Buckingham Park development and they have implemented a robust maintenance regime for public open spaces and grass verge areas. We are already seeing the benefits of this and the appearance of the site is dramatically improved. They have worked closely with Taylor Wimpey South Midlands to develop a carefully considered strategy of completing the roads, footpaths and other infrastructure to ensure these are handed over to the local authority at the earliest opportunity. As always, their work is undertaken professionally and in a courteous and considered manner towards our Customers on this site.’

  • Colin Radford, Technical Director, Taylor Wimpey South Midlands.
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