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Value those upon which we rely
Date Added: 11/12/2014 00:00:00
Author: Grant Morgan

These words open our Mission Statement and they apply to the people and companies we are fortunate enough to work with and also the team that makes up Developer Eyes:

  • Mission Statement

    Value those upon which we rely, communicate, evolve and strive to be better.

    We do not want to measure ourselves against mediocrity; our aim is to constantly evolve as a collective who are stronger than the sum of our parts. We invest time and energy to ensure we understand what is asked of us and accept that in an ever changing world, to be the best at what we do, takes hard work and dedication. Truly understanding the value of cohesive communication is an attribute we are proud to possess. We encourage dialog and embrace technology to help bring us closer to you. We want to learn along the way so that we may adapt, and the value we aim to deliver meets your needs.

These words are not just any empty statement, we really mean them and as such we are very proud to announce that we have just been awarded our Investors In People accreditation.

This achievement is very important to us as it clearly demonstrates Developer Eyes’ commitment to provide an unrivalled service within the marketplace.

Investors In People state:

  • We are recognising what the best businesses are made of, with a Standard that sets them apart.

    The Investors in People Standard tells you what good people management looks like. Defined and set by business leaders, it’s a series of 39 must-haves that organisations measure up against, to find and realise the potential of their people.

    Covering everything from business planning and leadership, to management effectiveness and performance measurement, the Standard offers outcomes to work towards. It’s a flexible approach, so you can tailor how you meet each outcome to fit with your own unique business goals.

    A benchmark for best practice, the Standard says something about you. It recognises your commitment to developing your people and shows your ambition, drive and focus to the rest of the world.

I believe Developer Eyes is a great place to work and that we provide the opportunity for each and every member of our team to exceed as individuals; with the knowledge that they have a dedicated and well informed team to support them.

Richard Branson is famously quoted as saying:

  • “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to!”

My commitment to our team goes beyond this sentiment but its resonance summarises our vision to be the best that we can be.

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