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Date Added: 05/06/2014 10:44:38
Author: Grant Morgan

Inspiration comes in the most unlikely of forms and in the most unlikely of places.

When you are responsible for running a business; inspiration and motivation are all important to ensure your decisions are sharp and your focus is maintained. Many times there are no right or wrong answers, you just have to do what you think best at the time, but is what you think really the best decision you could make?

I have just been fortunate enough to spend a wonderful holiday with my family at The Forte Village, Sardinia. Whilst watching my eldest son play football one day at the resort’s academy; a group of parents introduced themselves to me and thus started many happy hours of interesting chats about family, friends and what makes us tick. One of the parents is a chap called Paul Boross, Paul is a psychologist, presenter, influencer and general all round great guy. As I said, inspiration sometimes comes in the most unlikely of situations and, although I was unsure I could afford the time off work to make time to holiday with my family, the potential this gave me to contemplate and order my list of personal and business priorities was priceless. All too often people do not look up, listen and digest good communication in whatever form it takes.

I admit, I sometimes listen simply to reply, without truly listening. I am very fortunate, I have a wonderful family and a great team that supports me at work. I pride myself on giving everyone the opportunity to provide input, but I do not want to simply stagnate, I want to evolve, improve by listening and act on the good advice I receive. I try my best to be a good dad, a thoughtful employer and the kind of guy people want to work with. Is this enough, how can I be better and how can being better help me?

Taking the time to truly listen and digest the things people say or do has helped me to believe in my ability to succeed, to strive to improve and focus on the things that are important. These philosophies can translate equally into my personal life as well as business and the service I provide. Paul is an inspirational and interesting guy and one that you could happily sit down with and chat to for many hours. I felt compelled to write this short blog as I want to impart in some small way the inspiration I took from the conservations we had and how taking the time to analyse and contemplate our communication helps me to run my business more thoughtfully. We are all exposed to good communication every day, but to recognise these moments and most importantly; act on them is something I think we can all work hard to be better at.

Developer Eyes has a clear vision to be the best, this cannot be achieved by one person or a single action. The same goes for my family, I need them as much as they need me and although one part of my brain will never stop analysing whatever work priorities are top of my agenda at that particular time, considered contemplation will produce significantly better results every single time.

So, here’s to holidays. I am now off to the travel agents to book next year’s trip, 51 weeks and counting.
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