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Gold Medal Service
Date Added: 17/08/2016 00:00:00
Author: Grant Morgan

Exceptional people doing exceptional things. The culmination of 4 years’ sacrifice, dedication, early mornings, late nights, setbacks and successes – the Olympics Games.

You have to admire each and every individual that puts themselves forward to compete in the Olympic Games. What a spectacle it is; breath-taking performances that we sit back and admire from the comfort of our armchairs at home. These are people, like you and I that hurt through exhaustion and have to drag themselves out of bed in the early hours to live their dreams. What could we achieve if we put the same amount of effort into a sport, task or enterprise. A persons drive and motivation is very personal to them, but we all have it in us to participate rather than being spectators. We can accomplish whatever we put our minds to.

My drive and motivation comes in the form of running my own business. The hours I put into my business are no less than the best sportsmen and women. My dedication is no less than someone that is pushing themselves for that gold medal. Yes, I have set backs if I don’t win a tender, but that does not deter me, I keep pushing forward and learn along the way.

“I never lose. I either win, or learn” - Nelson Mandela.

I have put in 3 years of hard, persistent work into making Developer Eyes a company that is setting new standards in service delivery. Like those athletes that are pushing themselves like never before, so am I. I want to be the best, my gold medals are the compliments we get for a job well done, the repeat business we receive for the exceptional service we provide and the new clients we attract every week because we provide what others cannot.

Hard works pays off in the end, never lose sight of your goals.

All the best

Grant Morgan


Developer Eyes

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