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Fair Water Connections
Date Added: 08/05/2014 09:33:26
Author: Grant Morgan

Hello, Grant here again, welcome to my latest blog.

My career has seen me manage, run and own various businesses within the Property Management, Engineering, Construction and Utilities Sector. As such I am always happy to donate some of my time to organisations where I feel my knowledge and expertise may be of some use. One of these organisations is Fair Water Connections (FWC).

FWC is a water industry trade body that was set-up at the start of 2012 to facilitate fairness in the way that competitive alternatives to incumbent water companies’ provisions are able to be offered to anyone requiring new water supplies and drainage connections.

FWC is a not for profit organisation which draws on volunteered time and members subscriptions to support the provision of clean water sources through the Pump Aid charity ( FWC operates by sharing information, engaging in effective dialogue with all stakeholders, campaigning for change and by providing advice to assist members overcome the obstacles preventing them from providing competitive solutions. Hence FWC has been established with the sole purpose of working with Water Companies, Accredited Self-Lay Organisations, Developers and Regulatory Bodies to act as a communal voice to encourage improvements and where necessary champion change.

I have been involved with FWC since its inception and am encouraged by the improved transparency, quality, service and terms which are starting to appear within the industry. We are not biased or have any commercial intentions which puts us in a unique position to use our experience for the greater good of the industry.

Currently FWC membership is made up of accredited self-lay organisations, but discussions have already started with the developer community and the intention is to further grow these links to aid developers getting value from both water companies and competitive connection providers.

As I said before, Fair Water Connections is a not for profit organisation, with all of my time being volunteered. It is not necessary to become a member to attend initial meetings, so please feel free to contact me should you be interested in finding out a bit more about us.

Through your support and involvement it is our aim that you will be able to provide us with a greater understanding of the everyday problems you encounter so that we may champion any necessary improvements.

More information about Fair Water Connections can be found at, alternatively give me a call on 01536 791404.

I welcome any feedback you may have and I do hope to hear from you.

NB. Picture shows villagers using a newly installed Elephant Pump, provided by Pump Aid with FWC support, in Kaphaidyani, Malawi.

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