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Developer Eyes 2nd Birthday
Date Added: 17/11/2015 00:00:00
Author: Grant Morgan

On 21st November 2015 Developer Eyes will be 2 years old and as per last year, what a year it has been.

As with all new businesses, the first year is always systematic. Market research, planning, understanding our potential client’s needs and building the foundations of the business. This second year has been more about growth and cementing our position within the marketplace. We are implementing our strategic planning and expansion in line with the needs of the business, as such, we have started to grow the team and expanded our portfolio of services - to now include Grounds Maintenance, Landscaping and Utilities.

We have also strengthened our existing client relationships and have developed new ones. We are working with more regions and are expanding our geographical reach. Our client base now includes:

Our plan to nurture our team at Developer Eyes and reinvest back into the business continues and we look forward to expanding on our existing success. We are being noticed for the hard work, commitment and dedication that everyone has provided and Developer Eyes is vibrant, energetic and a great place to be.

This coming year will be all about expansion. Everything is now in place, we are poised and are very much looking towards the future.
Thank you all for your support and for those that do not work with us yet, please do get in touch, you will not find a company more dedicated and willing to be the best we can be.

Kind regards

Grant Morgan

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