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Brexit – we owe it to ourselves to be positive
Date Added: 27/06/2016 00:00:00
Author: Grant Morgan
No matter what side of the Brexit fence you sit on and let’s face it, this is a divided and very emotive issue, what we need now is; to not let our reactions spiral out of control. Unity is the way forward, in whatever guise it takes. There is too much media coverage that is causing confusion and concern and this is contributing to public uncertainty and a lack of confidence in the upper echelons of big business and finance; restricting their ability to make key economic decisions for our collective future wellbeing.

The fact of the matter is that the democratic decision has been made to leave the EU, but I cannot and will not allow myself to be concerned. Why I hear you ask – well let me explain. I own and run a small to medium sized business that provides big company deliverability with the personal service of single and dedicated points of contact. My company - Developer Eyes, is in part reliant on housing development and construction for continued growth. Would it have been a more certain future if we had of remained? Nonetheless, now is the time for all our clients and potential clients to take time to look at what they are buying, what is in it for them and the direct and indirect benefits of all service and contractor engagements. The UK cannot just stop, life goes on. The last five years of growth have left the country in a strong economic position. Banks have ten times the reserves they had, we are the fifth largest economy in the world and we are all busy, sometimes too busy to make the best decisions on procurement and service negotiation. We all want the best service for the best price we pay, but it is my feeling that a company’s true ability to deliver is sometimes overlooked because everyone is too busy to change, so company’s appoint who they have always appointed; because it is easier, at the expense of service and deliverability. A real opportunity is present to spend more time ensuring the best deals are being made, for the best price that benefits the consumer and this is exactly what Developer Eyes can provide.

Times are changing and we owe it to ourselves to be optimistic and let optimism carry us through these times of uncertainty. I will be looking to the future and I will be fluid in my ability to change with our situation as it unfolds over the coming weeks and months, but I will not stagnate.

This blog is not a political statement; it is simply my statement of determination to make things work no matter what the horizon has in store. Look to the future everyone, there is a big wide world out there and we are strong.