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Where has the service gone
Date Added: 01/12/2014 00:00:00
Author: Grant Morgan

With Year End fast approaching for many of our developer clients, more so than ever before will they be aware of those delivery mechanisms that are not providing them with a good service and the problems that can ensue.

The developer sector has changed as a result of the economic downturn that occurred in 2008 and procurement and resource have all been affected. Sales activity has returned, but the way developers approach delivery is more cautious than before. As such, the sector relies on Consultant’s and Sub-contractor’s abilities to communicate, work within project constraints and to meet deadlines.

So why is it that almost every person I speak to that works for developers are working harder than they have done before, whilst some of their Consultants and Sub-contractors are letting them down by not communicating enough, are not proactive, are claims conscious and find it difficult to meet their deadlines?

No business sets off with the aim of providing poor service to their clients, so why is it that so many companies forget the importance of this?

From the uninterested shop assistant who can barely muster a grunt when you say hello, to the call centre operative who is unable to assist. We experience bad examples of service every day, true examples of excellent service are harder to come by, but why?

I believe it is simple, good service is the culmination of ‘Effort’ and ‘Thought’:

  • Effort - to not only do what you say you will do, but to go the extra mile; put in whatever is required to meet deadlines and only accept the best. If something needs chasing, then chase it;  do not let people down, be reliable;  make time to be better informed and be prepared.

  • Thought - to put yourself in your client’s shoes; take the time to understand their needs and listen to them. Plan ahead and be proactive; communicate; have regular updates; question what you do not understand; make suggestions and provide alternatives; ask for feedback and evolve.

For those Consultant’s and Sub-contractor’s that have lost their way, for those people that do not put in enough effort and thought, remember; customers do have the ability to choose and rightfully so should seek a service provider that will not only value and respect them, but should demand a service that will add value and make their life easier.

I always make the effort to communicate examples of good and bad service to my service providers, this way they have the chance to improve, if they are willing to listen that is. Whereas for those that aren’t, I simply vote with my feet and go elsewhere.

I have always applied these philosophies wherever I have worked and I have tried to instil these traits into those that I have worked with. I try very hard to make Developer Eyes the best it can be and it is simple, through the application of ‘Effort’ and ‘Thought’ the service we provide is one that I am very proud of.

I hope you find my words insightful.

All the best


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