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Date Added: 12/01/2015 00:00:00
Author: Grant Morgan

I see an increasing amount of Travel Plans that end up costing Developers more than they should.

Generic documents are rolled out for exorbitant fees with costly and unrealistic implementation measures.

Unreasonable fees do not need to be charged to simply obtain planning!

The solution is simple:

  1. Find a Consultancy that will look at each case on a site specific basis;

  2. Liaise with the Council and determine what the preferred implementation measures are for the area;

  3. Take time to understand how these will benefit the site;

  4. The Developer does not have bottomless pockets. Implementation has to be at a cost that makes the development viable;

  5. Liaise with the Council to define a set of measures that meet their requirements whilst being fit for purpose, deliverable and feasible;

  6. Where there is miscommunication; make time to ensure all parties understand what needs to be achieved and work within the projects constraints;

  7. Deliver the Travel Plan to the highest possible standards and ensure its implementation measures benefit the community it has been designed to serve.

The need to encourage communities to embrace sustainable travel is very real. A transference of knowledge is required to help encourage people to make better choices about how they get from A to B and the consequences of leaving these problems for future generations. The sheer quantity of traffic on the roads is just the tip of the iceberg, the resulting increased CO2 exhaust emissions, noise pollution, congestion, escalating costs of infrastructure provision, highway improvements, remedial repairs and last but not least the effect that inactivity has on our health is a concern.

Developer Eyes empathises with Developers who encounter onerous and poorly communicated Travel Plans on a daily basis.

Developer Eyes sympathises with Councils who have to wade through large generic documents that are not site specific.

Developer Eyes understand the benefits residents can derive from well formulated Travel Plans.

We create Travel Plans and Co-ordinate implementation measures that make a real impact on the communities we work in. We know Developers want to be sustainable and understand a well compiled and implemented Travel Plan can reinforce a Developers commitment to being sustainable and can also demonstrate the care and attention they put into each and every development.

Whether you have a Travel Plan that you feel is overly onerous and it needs our professional eye for sustainability to implement it for you, or whether you have a site that requires a Travel Plan that is site specific and will be produced with your best interests at heart, please do contact us as we do care and we can make this process better for you.

All the best

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