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Travel Plans, Sustainability & the new Apple Watch!
Date Added: 12/02/2015 00:00:00
Author: Grant Morgan

The need to encourage communities to make more informed decisions about how they travel is very real. A transference of knowledge is required to help encourage people to make better choices about how they travel and the consequences of leaving these problems for future generations is not an option. The sheer quantity of traffic on the roads is just the tip of the iceberg; increased CO2 exhaust emissions, noise pollution, congestion, highway improvements and last but not least, the affect this is having on our health through inactivity, are all issues that we need to address.

  • “Sitting is the new cancer.” - Tim Cook, CEO, Apple.

Well that’s one way to sell a new watch Apple, but the sentiment is very real.

I am a gadget lover and like many others I’m looking forward to owning the newest most shiny Apple product. I am lead to believe that one of its many features will be; 10 minutes before the hour, it will vibrate to remind us to get up from what we are doing and to go for a walk, stretch or be active in some way, it is this feature that Tim Cook is alluding to in his speech.

At Developer Eyes we work with housing developers who design and build communities with sustainability in mind. Areas of public open space and connectivity to surrounding areas are intended to encourage us to walk, cycle and interact with those around us more. The health risks of sedentary behaviour is highlighted in a 2012 study that links sedentary behaviour with various health problems.

Developer Eyes creates informative and interactive material for people when they move into their new homes and we invest time to understand what messages our housing developer client’s want to portray:

  • They need a platform to get their sustainability message out there;

  • They need to add value to their after sales services;

  • They need to be accessible and customer focused once the keys have been handed over.

Developer Eyes are able to address these issues in an efficient, professional and cost effective manner, that our clients truly believe adds value to their developments:

  • 'We received a very professional service from Developer Eyes. From initial appointment to final resolution; they listened to our requirements, ensured everyone’s interests have been considered and the most prudent solution put forward. The Travel Plan looked great and was dealt with swiftly and efficiently.’ - Gareth Miles, Engineer, Barratt Homes.

Let us add value to your sustainability message by contacting us today.

All the best

Grant Morgan

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