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Opportunities Aren't Gift Wrapped
Date Added: 20/05/2015 00:00:00
Author: Grant Morgan
I loved watching the Rocky movies when I was a kid, so when my son was flicking through the TV channels last night and said that he wanted to watch Rocky, I jumped at the opportunity.

It wasn’t until I started writing this that I realised that Rocky won an Oscar in 1976 for Best Picture and that the screen play was actually written by Sylvester Stallone himself.

I’m sure everyone that is reading this will have seen the movie, where the down-and-out club fighter gets his million-to-one shot at the World Heavyweight Championship Title, whilst falling for Adriannnnn, and taking the opportunity to turn his life around.

What a fantastic story of the underdog grasping an opportunity, however daunting it may seem and just going for it. It reminded me of when we first launched Developer Eyes and the battles all small businesses have to go through to simply survive. Opportunities rarely come gift wrapped, they need to be created and nurtured. Long days and even longer nights persevering because of your belief and desire to succeed.

I saw this graph the other day on LinkedIn and this paints a very honest picture of the journey most new businesses face in their battle to become established and ultimately profitable:

The Y axis that states Happiness could just as easily read Profitability, nonetheless, the message is the same - “Any journey worth undertaking is never going to be easy, but the most rewarding ones are those that involve effort and accomplishment.”

Developer Eyes is now well established, with a steady flow of work from a growing order book. Our journey was worth taking, it has involved a tremendous amount of effort, but the accomplishment I feel seeing our company grow is a great reward.

In reality our journey has only just started, but our route is now set and we are heading in the right direction. For those of you that are unsure of starting your journey, remember these words - “Opportunities are made; without making those first steps, accomplishment cannot be achieved.”

All the best

Grant Morgan
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