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Date Added: 12/05/2015 00:00:00
Author: Grant Morgan

In an industry that is so reliant on exemplary customer service, why is it that so many of our clients report instances of poor service, which led them to seek solace from Developer Eyes in the knowledge that we will deliver?

Private, communal and unadopted areas are increasingly commonplace and can benefit developers with the increased autonomy it provides residents to mould and shape their own communities. Inflated commuted sums and onerous routes to adoption are also key aspects to this sector’s growth.

A well managed and maintained development not only enhances the area in which you live, but can make it more desirable and attractive if maintained regularly with care. This sector is unregulated, so unsurprisingly you will find Managing Agents that do not meet everybody’s high expectations, therefore, it is even more important for those companies that do want to operate with an increased level of accountability; that they do so to make an example of those who are not so willing to conform.

Varying standards of excellence are present across every industry and it was a recent meal out with my family at a Michelin Starred restaurant that made me think of the industries that would benefit from such a guide to exemplary service. Whilst I appreciate this would be almost impossible to implement, I did think it was a novel concept. Michelin stars are awarded to restaurants for excellence, quality, attention to detail and ultimately service. These qualities are generally the differentiator in determining whether we receive a good experience for a service or product we have procured, or not. I am sure we can all recount endless stories of poor service that we have received, but to recall instances where three Michelin Starred service has been provided is much less commonplace.

We have recently been vetted and interviewed for a large project we have been tendering for, so that we may demonstrate our ability to perform and deliver. It is this kind of environment that Developer Eyes thrives on, as this gives us a unique opportunity to explain our delivery process, relate our experiences and provide examples of our work. Clients who make the time to work with us benefit from our efforts and our service.

We recently received the following comment from a Director of one of the Residents Management Companies we work for:

Developer Eyes have taken the hassle out of being a director, Becky and her team just deal with anything that comes up. They keep us regularly updated and informed about developments but take responsibility for the day to day management of our treatment plant. As directors we can be as involved as we want to be with decisions that are made without having to take time out of our busy lives to run the company. The service that Developer Eyes offers is very professional and the communication with directors is outstanding. I fully recommend the services they offer.

This is the type of feedback that drives me, as with fine dining; excellence, quality, attention to detail and ultimately service is what we want our clients to remember us for.

All the best

Grant Morgan

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