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Are You On Autopilot?
Date Added: 18/09/2015 00:00:00
Author: Grant Morgan
Whether you have heard of Jack Canfield or have taken the time to listen to some of his insights or read his books, the chances are that what he has to say will resonate with you in some way and make you think about how you act. He has influenced directly or indirectly many motivational and business strategy editorials and I would like to explore one of his concepts, Event + Response = Outcome (E+R=O).

We are all exposed to hundreds if not thousands of events every day and the outcome of these events is what defines our causality. I have spoken before about Maslow and our hierarchy of needs, but Response is, whether predetermined or not, what shapes our lives.

Living your life on autopilot and following the routes you know and are comfortable with, will only lead you down the same paths you have already pursued. I like to think of business, and for that matter life, as a game of chess - strategy and forward thinking prepares you to make better decisions or Responses. Success breeds success, but only if you have evolved. Markets, competitors and situations constantly shift and evolve; therefore, approaches to tasks and problems must evolve too. Companies and individuals that rely on autopilots, eventually find that someone else's Response is better.

Understanding what good looks like will help shape your Response. Not every Outcome is either/or, perspective can drastically alter a Response. The best decision makers all have an innate sense of objectivity, they are not rash, but are confident in their ability to formulate a Response. One person does not have the solution to every problem, the best Responses to Events are those that have been made on the basis of weighing up your experiences and the opinions and advice of those around you, with the aim of formulating a considered and educated Response; giving an Event the best opportunity to conclude with a positive Outcome.

‘Act in haste, repent at leisure’ - David Foster Wallace, is a quote many of you will have heard and emphasises the importance of rational. An emotional or adrenaline fuelled Response is not objective and does not consider the Outcome. Often is the case, the best initial Response would be to define the Event, ensuring your understanding matches theirs.

But Respond we must. Outcomes are inevitable, delayed or no Response will result in you having no control. Whatever Events occur in your life, if you want to move your life forward for the better, do not expect a different Outcome if your Response remains the same. Own your Response, control the Outcome and redefine your future.

All the best

Grant Morgan
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