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Adoption of Highways, Open Spaces and Play Areas
Date Added: 29/07/2015 00:00:00
Author: Grant Morgan

Developer Eyes are fast becoming the preferred Adoptions Manager for a growing number of top national developers.

The route to adoption of assets is never a straightforward one. Identifying the best times to finish areas to adoptable standards are often an afterthought, which can cost thousands in unplanned for and indirect costs. Not only that, but the burden this has on developers bottom lines - because sites remain live long after they should have been handed over - is unnecessary if adoption had been planned for and managed appropriately.

Developer Eyes boasts a team of industry specialists that work with councils; planning, street scene and highways departments, always with the best interest of our developer clients at heart. We are working on a growing number of sites, dealing with an array of issues, ranging from breaches of planning conditions, historic developments, inherited sites, those that are incomplete and in certain cases those without existing Section 38 technical approvals.

We have overseen and managed the operation and maintenance of bus gates, areas of play, open spaces, roads, footpaths, street lighting and drainage to name but a few. We have specialist in-house experience and expertise in utilities, civils works, horticulture, arboriculture and environmental management, as well as an in-depth understanding and appreciation of council culture and process, which really does provide the key to solving many complex adoption issues.

Bonds or Cash Deposits and Maintenance Periods are also a major factor to consider when dealing with the adoption of assets. It is imperative that these are kept to a minimum and managed closely throughout the adoption process. Our scope of works incorporates these points to ensure time and expenditure are controlled efficiently and effectively.

Our attention to detail and proactive approach is well received by developers and councils alike. We work hard to build bridges, where often it is the case that promises have been made and not fulfilled. Communication and trust is the key to moving forward and achieving a successful conclusion. We do this by identifying what we want to achieve and we plan ahead to mitigate problems. These points define how we proceed and at each and every stage we ensure our clients are updated and aware of all pertinent issues.

Whether you are proactively looking to manage your future adoption issues or you have numerous historic sites that require our attention, please do contact us and we will be able to help.

All the best

Grant Morgan

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