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A good idea is a good idea
Date Added: 20/01/2015 00:00:00
Author: Grant Morgan

What differentiates a good idea from a bad idea?

This is a difficult question to answer and is the focus of many studies and much research. A product or service that provides a unique benefit, that someone will utilise or procure at their expense is ultimately marketable, whether it will make or lose money is down to financial viability.

History shows us that good ideas are not all unique, but the ability to bring that idea to market in a package that people want is more often than not the difference. A company’s ability to identify their client base, explain the benefits of their product or service in a way that their client base understands and to identify its financial viability is what planning is all about. The ongoing service you provide will ultimately determine whether your business has any longevity.

I was pondering these very concepts and I felt the image below sums up this very journey.

All the best

Grant Morgan

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