Thousands of privately owned assets exist all over the UK. Private assets could be anything from unadopted highways on an industrial estate to communal areas in blocks of flats and public open spaces. The concept of operating your own private assets is not a new one and often it is the case that these assets, if managed properly, can add value to and enhance the area in which you live or work. The responsibility of maintaining these assets generally falls with a Residents Management Company, Landlord or Freeholder rather than local councils. With these assets comes the responsibility of ensuring they are regularly inspected, fit for purpose, safe and maintained.

More new developments than ever before include areas that have a communal responsibility for their upkeep. The Localism Bill 2010 focuses on the broad vision that local communities should be empowered to help mould the look and feel of the community in which they live and work. Through the constraints laid down in planning, developers invest to provide and help shape local communities and it is these assets that local communities have the responsibility to help mould and shape, whether they are privately owned or adopted by the local council. Our portfolio of property solutions has been developed to provide input at every stage in a project’s lifecycle. We can help developers understand asset feasibility at the planning stage, manage these assets throughout the development of a site and act as Managing Agents for Resident Management Companies in perpetuity.

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